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« Managing Remotely »: Report by Trusted Advisors

Managerial changes, the rise of "nomadic" work, the rapid development of technological platforms, and other challenges recently accentuated by the Covid-19 crisis have caused companies to rethink their operating methods by starting to think about remote management as a common practice. In fact, the latter is not a novelty in itself, as companies that are aware of the constraints of employees in terms of travel and work-life balance have been introducing this practice for years. Today, the health crisis and containment have precipitated its implementation, all the more so as companies are obliged to succeed in order to maintain their activity and guarantee better performance. There is no doubt that the confinement was a real tipping point which turned all organizational routines upside down, several managers and executives had to undergo, often without prior preparation, remote management, and suddenly found themselves managing teams in remotely with more concern for performance and social cohesion. This represents a radical change from face-to-face management, where physical contact is very frequent, with regular communication and direct monitoring. Indeed, distance follows a totally different logic, if the latter develops autonomy and self- organization among staff members, the lack of interaction and communication can lead to risks linked to isolation, even more distant silos, lack of informal exchanges, disengagement and lack of motivation due to psychological and emotional considerations. Therefore, the idea is not to transpose the practices of face-to-face management, but rather to think of an innovative device, adapted to remote working arrangements and the challenges it represents for employees, without forgetting the constraint of very little time in most situations. Following this reflection, Trusted Advisors consultants wish, through this report, to guide managers towards the right positions and practices, likely to reinforce their skills and their active role in the successful management of remote teams.

Our experts remain at your disposal to design and deploy key approches and strategies for your managers to succeed "Remote Management". Our consultancy activities will bring value to your company based on our benchmarks and feedback from 125 clients in 25 countries.

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