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In what context do our clients use
our "Market & Product Research" services?
  • In the current context of an uncertain and highly competitive market, companies and organizations are competing fiercely for new market share. 

  • The efforts and resources deployed to thwart competition, build customer loyalty and constantly recruit new customers are crucial to brand recognition and sustainability.

  • As the stakes are high for companies and their future development, they are therefore trying to implement numerous strategies likely to amplify their strike force against their competitors.

The main attributes of our market and product research
  • In order to enable your company/organization to grasp the differentiation components in terms products, markets, offers (or any other need), we offer a cutting-edge approach: 

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Orientation

  • Exploring 'quali' trends in digital flows

  • Thought Bubbling & Creative Thinking

  • Reliability of trends by artificial intelligence


According to the problems you wish to treat, please contact us and we will make you a tailor-made offer (contact us).

Our tools based
on behavioural economics
  • In the research works we deploy with our clients, the tools we use are our source of differentiation. For example, we use behavioural economics approaches to identify the influence of emotions and the impact of personal considerations specific to each client/consumer/user (depending on the sector) in the choices made when interacting with your organization.

  • Compared to the old models, these new tools go beyond decision-making as a rational process in search of maximizing gains, towards taking into account the massive influence of human psychology and group dynamics.

  • This influence is not trivial: it is the essential determinant of all human behaviour which is by nature highly emotional, irrational and subjective. Among the influences we consider in our market and product research are cognitive biases, of which there are more than 180 (see the codex available in HD by clicking on the following link).

Example of our Research Projects covering 7 countries and more than 8000 persons

Client: Saham Assurance (one of the leading insurance companies in Africa with a presence in more than 20 countries)


  • 700 people welcomed during the focus groups (behavioural analysis, bias, satisfaction...)

  • 350 agents, brokers and key account clients met during individual interviews

  • 350 people involved in thematic discussions in social media

  • 7,000 respondents to field surveys 



7 Countries covered:


  • Angola

  • Burkina Faso

  • Cameroon

  • Ivory Coast

  • Mali

  • Morocco

  • Senegal


A project team of 80 people mobilised by Trusted Advisors over a period of 18 months


Scope: Image assessment, customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction, country comparisons, benchmarking

Contact us for a custom-made proposal

Please send us your requests for proposal (English/French) to: 

Trusted Advisors

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