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Sales Transformation

Added value & service offering process

Urgency of change

Sales performance often suffers one or more of these shortcomings :


Relatively low sales volume compared to competitors


Very tight margins and inability to strengthen cross-selling and up-selling.


Customer dissatisfaction reducing customer and brand loyalty


High sales costs and insufficient operational excellence



Process failure and/orlack of internal coordination impacting sales and customer satisfaction.

Sales transformation is a necessity in an increasingly competitive market: Frenzied time-to-marketrush, increasingly digitally-savvy customers, shorter and shorter"product" innovation cycles ..


To boost performance, sales teams, with appropriate support, will rethink organizational approaches, increase the use of cutting-edge digital tools, and reinvent their commercial attitudes and roles. Transforming sales is a major concern of Microsoft's and Trusted Advisors' customers, as this allows them to optimize market share and boost sales performance.

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Be aware:

Key figures & facts about change in general and sales transformations in particular :


of transformation programmes fail, due to lack (or even absence) of support and appropriate change management


of teams expect more support and to actively participate in the design of change


of employees, increasing project change requests with no long-term effect.

Deliverables Overview

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Identify internal processes

In need of improvement and recommend IS platforms to strengthen practices

Identify areas of expertise

With opportunities for improvement and align sales associate practices with targets.

Implement support for sales teams

to implementthe improvementinitiatives for business transformation and ensure long-term improvement of performance and customer satisfaction.


Our Sales Transformation, follows the "ADIS" process:



Analyse sales bottlenecks and shortcomings in terms of processes, tools, sales attitudes/soft skills, and management practices

Design an action plans addressing analysis results and leveraging the company's competitive DNA



Implement actions and measure their impact on sales

Sustain success by ensuring ownership and adoption of tools and postures over time


Analyse State-of-play



Design an action plan




Sustained change

Analyse State-of-play

In order to better define sales team needs and identify their expectations, preliminary analysis and diagnosis are essential. These will serve as a solid basis for establishing a relevant and well-targeted action plan.

  • We deploy a series of mystery shoppers who visit a sample of sales points and digital channels to assess customer experience and commercial failures


  • Depending on the client's priorities, mystery shoppers can focus on specific products or the overall sales experience


  • We organize one or more focus groups (depending on the size of the organization) with a selection of salespeople in order to evaluate their "customer" vision, their understanding of the challenges they face, as well as their sales practices. The information collected will be structured around processes, tools, skills or postures, and managerial practices.


  • We organize interviews with line or senior managers focusing on expectations and sales missions, to evaluate gaps in alignment, achievement of objectives, and other organizational obstacles

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Sample deployment of training courses for sales representatives by
Trusted Advisors

  • Total length : 35 hours over 9 sessions

  • Target : : Sales teams (B2C,B2B,Corporate) +Workshop leaders

  • Past customer : Attijari Wafabank, Vivo Energy /Shell, Carrefour, Société Générale


  • Sample content


Introduction to the outcomes of the commercial attitudes/soft skills and known pitfalls


Role-playing and description of a particular situation in the sales process


Classification of determining factors in workshops mobilizing the collective intelligence of salespeople


Reflection on and co-development of keys to successful business performance

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