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Trusted Advisors positioning

We have helped our corporate clients unlock growth and development, build champions in major industries, and nurture the talent of the next generation. Our results/delivery orientation, our passion for successful transformations, and our ambition to provide high value-added services drive our interventions and our teams’ mindset.

Through our regional London, Dubai, Casablanca, and Brussels offices, and with more than 1500 experts, we are among the leading consultancy, research and professional services networks in the region. We help organizations and individuals create the value they are looking for.

We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in every industry and region, locally and globally. Our investment in knowledge and best practices also helps advance the practice of management, change and transformation. We publish our findings extensively, and we engage with leading thinkers-practitioners on the most pressing issues facing our clients and society

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Some facts about Trusted Advisors Group

Our high added value services

  • Management consultancy

  • Change management

  • Operational & strategic diagnosis

  • Qualitative & quantitative research

  • Professional services and « Talent as a service »

  • Skills development


We support transformation & innovation

  • Sales transformation

  • Cloud transformation

  • Digital transformation

  • HR transformation

  • Finance transformation

  • Communication transformation

Trusted Advisors key figures

Partner to


Large Corporate



+25 Countries

+10 000

Days of consultancy and support services delivered to our clients


Annual Conferences organized each year

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Articles published on Trusted Magazine


Annual Reports

Provided services to 50 of the global fortune 500 companies


Clients: BNP Paribas, Carrefour, Société Générale, Ericsson, Bank of Africa ...
Industry: Miscellaneous


Business Challenge

Faced with the talent shortage and in order to meet the sourcing needs of the transformation projects, several companies are aware that it is appropriate to go beyond traditional staffing solutions by opting for professional services. "Talent as a service" solutions allow real responsiveness and relevance of the contribution of expertise and skills to projects in search of Time to Market and performance.


Our solution

Trusted Advisors mobilizes its mastery of transformation projects, business constraints, and its talent / expert sourcing channels to respond appropriately to the requests of clients looking for responsive sourcing solutions in line with project demands. These requests are met in a partnership ambition where our freelancers / consultants / experts are mobilized in a reactive manner and responding to "project" needs and high impact transformation ambitions. We do not stop with the provision of resources, but we ensure the continuous adequacy between the project prerequisites, the skills, the mindsets, and the expected effects within a logical deadline, investment, and scope.

Clients: Microsoft
Industry: Information Technology


Business Challenge

Microsoft ambitions to support corporate clients facing challenges to adapt to the rapidly changing business landscape, struggling to maintain their position in the marketplace, coupled with the fact that 70% of projects are not being delivered as per agreed expectations

Our solution

Trusted Advisors partnered with Microsoft to produce highly engaging events on business agility, program management and project portfolio management in the Middle East and Africa Region, while promoting key solutions to ensure effective program and project delivery within corporate clients.

Clients: Société Générale
Industry: Banking


Business Challenge

Management recognised the opportunity to improve its customer service experience and employee engagement


Our solution

Trusted Advisors worked closely with Société Générale to assess the key behaviours required to enhance their customer service experience and developed improvements in employee engagement which ultimately led to increased customer satisfaction

Clients: Carrefour
Industry: Distribution


Business Challenge

Management identified the opportunity to improve its team performance and productivity.


Our solution

Trusted Advisors worked closely with Carrefour to assess and diagnose key areas such as emotional intelligence, stress management, conflict management, managing by objectives, employee engagement and motivation. Trusted Advisors provided appropriate training and coaching of team members and managers, leading to improve team performance and productivity.

Clients: Crédit Agricole
Industry: Banking


Business Challenge

Crédit Agricole is to undertake consistent change management actions to foster the digital transformation, and to strengthen the sales force capabilities towards operational excellence and customer service.


Our solution

  • Implemented support for Change Champions as part of the bank's digital transformation

  • Identified key levers & postures to bolster impact of regional influencers

  • Deployed actions allowing understanding & promoting buy-in of influencers as relay of digital transformation

  • Conducted a digital transformation diagnosis

Clients: Shell – Vivo Energy
Industry: OIL AND GAS


Business Challenge

Vivo Energy is to deploy a new ERP with high impact on internal processes, management practices, customer delivery, finance, and program management. Taking into account the high risk of failure of ERP projects, it’s critical to deploy the right and relevant change management support strategies and actions.


Our solution

  • Implemented change management for the deployment of a new Enterprise Resource Planning

  • (SAP HANA) through the deployment of a new corporate structure

  • Dimensioned conduct-of-change actions & supported change champions in the appropriation of an engaging approach for impacted teams

  • Evaluated impacts & customized mechanisms to address priority points of resistance

Clients: Banque Centrale Populaire
Industry: Banking


Business Challenge

Banque Centrale Populaire is recognising the importance of positioning the HR function as a key business partner to all the other department. Going beyond the traditional admin related activities, HR support is to foster organisational capabilities, to engage management level as a key ambassadors of the corporate vision and values, to strengthen internal communication, and destroy silos


Our solution

  • Accompanied Human Capital Development department in strengthening management practices

  • Identified high impact practices & designed specific workshops to anchor these practices

  • Accompanied HR managers in the promotion of engaging management practices through the redefinition of relationship with activities

Clients: BNP Paribas (10 Countries)
Industry: BANKING


Business Challenge

BNP Paribas is to deploy a new Information System targeting 10+ countries. The successful implementation of the IS features depends on aligning stakeholders regarding the vision of the transformation, the opportunities, the challenges and key work to be undertaken from an individual and a collective standpoints. Taking into account the high risk of failure of IS projects, it’s critical to deploy the right and relevant change management support strategies and actions.


Our solution

  • Managed conduct of change program impacting 10 subsidiaries across the continent:

  • Established skills maps, focus groups to analyze impact, change readiness;

  • Determined dimensions of change anchors & deployed à transformation monitoring system (ICAP

Clients: Sanlam (7 Countries)


Business Challenge

Sanlam endeavours to keep a deep understanding of clients and their behaviours throughout the region. This understanding would also lead to field oriented actions from the marketing, sales, and communication teams to increase customer satisfaction, to leverage the brand image and experience towards increasing customer loyalty


Our solution

  • Managed support program for subsidiaries in 7 countries (Morocco, Angola, Ivory Coast, Mali, Cameroon, Senegal, Burkina Faso) in a context of post-acquisition change

  • Managed an image assessment program, customer profiling, & organizational diagnosis of subsidiaries & the subsequent implementation of management action plans

  • Established a qualitative & quantitative study affecting 11,000 people, & managed a team of 80 people across 7 countries

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