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Case Study

Trusted Advisors supporting
Etihad Aviation Group

As part of Trusted Advisors - Etihad Aviation Group partnership, our teams have supported a set of initiatives aiming employees' engagement and HR development throughout the functions of Etihad Airways. 


We are supporting Etihad Aviation Group in recognising and anchoring the importance of personal development for the teams. With the right mindset, we empowered the teams to support Etihad Aviation Group’s vision and we are pleased to be part of this journey.

Some of the content produced as a part of the engagement of Trusted Advisors with Etihad: 

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A summary of the key topics addressed by Trusted Advisors answering the question "How can Etihad Group became a global airline brand in a VUCA world?"

Summary of key insights of WCWW - Agile Leadership and Mindset - 15 Dec.png

Summary of key insights of WCWW - Agile Leadership and Mindset


Key recommendations promoted during the sessions deployed by Trusted Advisors for 300+ employees of Etihad "Agile Mindset and Leadership" 

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  • Additional resources provided: 

  • "What's the importance of the agile mindset as a key performance driver?"

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"Why should we embrace business agility ?"

Key insights shared, during the WCWW84, by

Cyril Awere
Executive Director of Trusted Advisors Group

❝ Each of us has infinite potential to do amazing things, that would lead to a more fulfilling life for you and your loved ones ❞

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